Agoda Ratings for Suratthani Hotels

Promtawan Resort

As with star ratings, Agoda ratings are a good way of judging the quality of a hotel or resort in Suratthani. However, the two metrics differ in that a hotel can have just one or 2 stars and yet rate really highly according to Agoda.

Star ratings are an indication of facilities available at an establishment. Things such as swimming pools, on site restaurants, gyms, conference rooms, free wifi and off-road parking determine star ratings. Although Agoda doesn’t specify how they arrive at a star rating for a hotel we all have a good idea what to expect from a 5 star hotel – namely luxury surroundings and excellent facilities – and what to expect from a 2 star hotel – probably air-con and cable TV. A star rating is also an indication of price. However, often you get cheaper rooms in 4 and 5 star hotels, allowing you access to a pool and gym at a more reasonable price.

To be on the safe side you should check which facilities a hotel offers. Don’t presume anything because of the star ratings. A good example of this is wifi internet: you often find that wifi is not free in 4 and 5 star hotels; whereas, in 1 star accommodation free wifi might be one of the few free facilities on offer to guests.

In contrast Agoda ratings out of 10 tend to focus more on the experience of staying in a particular hotel. These are based on reviews from people who have stayed at the hotel. They are also dated. This is worth remembering as older reviews might no longer be applicable. For example, a complaint about no restaurant becomes invalidated when a hotel installs its own restaurant on the premises.

Another consideration when looking at Agoda ratings is number of reviews. For example, the Promtawan Resort has a rating of 9.6. This is the highest rating for Suratthani Airport Hotels. However, this is based on just 1 review (at the time of writing). More trustworthy is The Lephant Hotel that has a lower, but still high score of 8.5 out of 10. This is an aggregate of 56 reviews.

To refine your perusal of reviews on Agoda you can choose a category that best fits the type of traveller you are. The categories are: business travellers, solo travellers, families with young children, families with teens and groups. Obviously families with young children have a very different set of needs and expectations to say business travellers. The former will be interested in breakfast items, crèche facilities and pools while the latter will be more interested in business centres, dictation services and internet speeds.

When I look at reviews on Agoda or other hotel review sites I start with the negative comments. If the same negative comment keeps reoccurring, such as rude staff or dirty linen this becomes a red flag for me and I look to another hotel.

When looking for a suitable hotel near Suratthani International Airport you shouldn’t just consider the distance from the airport. Taxi fares are cheap and the roads are not particularly congested between the city and the airport. Thus, proximity to the airport is not always of primary concern. You should also consider value for money and a big part of that consideration is assessing quality of service and facilities. And that is where Agoda ratings play their part.