Closest Hotels to Surat Thani Airport

O-Valley-Hotel4The O Valley Hotel – 8.26 km from airport

3starsFrom 753 THB

The O Valley HotelThe O Valley Hotel is a comfortable modern hotel. It has 200 rooms. Facilities include restaurant, pool, kids pool, meeting rooms, spa and massage. Airport transfer or car hire available. Wifi in public areas. Rated 6.9/10 by Agoda.


Lephant HotelLephant Hotel – 9.7 km from airport

2starsFrom 749 THB

bookbThis smart hotel has 24 hour desk, room service, free wifi, restaurant and coffee shop. Parking also available. Rated 8.5/10 on Agoda. Suitable for an overnight stay near the airport.



Baan Meesri Serviced ResidenceBaan Meesri Serviced Residence – 10.09 km from airport

1starFrom  661 THB

bookbSmall hotel with 9 rooms. The rooms are clean and have air-con, TV and river views. The staff are friendly. Airport and train transfers available on request. Rated 8.1/10 on Agoda.

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Queen HotelQueen Hotel – 11.03 km from airport

2starsFrom 350 THB

bookbThe Queen Hotel is a cheap 2 star hotel near both the airport and train station. It has 30 rooms. You can choose between fan or air-con rooms. Restaurant in hotel. Parking available. Rated 5.6/10.

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Ruen Thai Nai Bang ResortRuen Thai Nai Bang Resort – 11.61 km from airport

4starsFrom 584 THB

bookbNice small hotel with friendly staff and good facilities. The Ruen Thai Nai Bang Resort has comfortable rooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool and extensive grounds with lake views and a few sheep. Agoda rated 7.5/10.


Quik HotelQuik Hotel – 11.76 km from airport

2starsFrom 382 THB

bookQuik Hotel has the cheapest hotel rooms near Surat Thani Airport. The hotel has a car park, room service and free wifi in public areas. Agoda rated 7.2/10.



Hop-Inn-Surat-ThaniHop Inn Surat Thani – 11.83 km from airport

2andhalfstarsFrom 650 THB

book Hop Inn Surat ThaniThe Hop Inn Surat Thani is part of a chain of functional and clean hotels. It provides air-con rooms, with hot water bathroom and mini bar. It is a bit like a travel lodge. Free wifi in rooms and public areas. Agoda rated 8.2/10.


Promtawan ResortPromtawan Resort – 15.79 km from airport

3starsFrom 1,299 THB

bookb5 spacious air-con bungalows in peaceful riverside location. Wifi throughout resort. Restaurant and free parking. Also has fishing. Agoda rated 9.6/10.



Paragon HometelParagon Hometel – 16.33 km from airport

3starsFrom 475 THB

bookbSmart new motel-style apartments with air-con and hot water. The resort has a restaurant and shop. Free wifi in rooms and public areas. Agoda rated 7.7/10.



S tara Grand HotelS Tara Grand Hotel – 17.87 km from airport

3andhalfstarsFrom 836 THB

bookbThe S Tara Grand Hotel is the nearest city centre hotel to Suratthani Airport. It has 80 rooms and free wifi as well a restaurant, a spa, a meeting room and business facilities. The front desk is open 24 hours. Agoda rated 7.8/10.

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Baan Suan Rimnum ResortBaan Suan Rimnum Resort – 17.89 km from airport

2starsFrom 590 THB

bookbBaan Suan Rimnum Resort has 36 comfortable bungalows. The resort has airport transfers as well as 24 hour room service and a car park. Thai massages are also available.


Bun-HotelBun Hotel – 18.11 km from airport

3starsFrom 690 THB

bookbBun Hotel has a colourful branding. It has 110 rooms, a restaurant, spa, karaoke and recreational room. Rooms have free wifi. Plenty of parking. Both room service and airport transfers available. Agoda rated 7.6/10.


SR-HotelSR Hotel – 18.75 km from airport

2starsFrom 550 THB

bookbSR Hotel is a medium-sized hotel with comfortable rooms. The hotel has a restaurant and spa. They offer 24 hour room service, family room and car park. Agoda rated 6.6/10.



Princess-Park-Muslim-HotelPrincess Park Muslim Hotel – 18.8 km from airport

3starsFrom 540 THB

bookbPrincess Park Muslim Hotel is run by a Muslim family and doesn’t serve alcohol. The hotel has a restaurant, room service, car park and free wifi in public areas. Agoda rated 6.7/10.


Diamond Plaza HotelDiamond Plaza Hotel – 18.84 km from airport

3starsFrom 1,050 THB

bookbDiamond Plaza Hotel is a big international standard hotel with 400 rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, spa and fitness room. 24 hour room service and Wifi in public areas. Agoda rated 7/10.

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Ban MaitreejitBan Maitreejit – 18.84 km from airport

3starsFrom 500 THB

bookbBan Maitreejit is a medium sized hotel with friendly staff. The rooms are comfortable and clean. There isn’t a restaurant but they have a shop and offer room service. Airport transfer and car park available. Agoda rated 7.9/10.


100 Islands Resort and Spa100 Islands Resort and Spa – 18.88 km from airport

3starsFrom 898 THB

bookbStylish hotel with 174 rooms. Beautiful interiors compliment a good range of facilities that include restaurant, indoor pool, spa and airport transfers. Free wifi in public areas. Agoda rated 7.3/10.

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Rice Farm VillaRice Farm Villa – 18.88 km from airport

2starsFrom 3,114 THB

bookbA unique hotel that is comprised of villas surrounding a swimming pool and rice field. The villas are stylish luxury accommodation made of hardwood. Rice Farm Villa has a restaurant, family room, shared kitchen, car park and massage services. Agoda rated 6.6/10.


Hip Box 26 Boutique HotelHip Box 26 Boutique Hotel – 18.91 km from airport

3starsFrom 390 THB

bookbHip Box 26 Boutique Hotel consists of freight containers that have been converted into rooms with air-con and flat screen TV. It is a colourful hotel with lots of unusual touches. The hotel includes a small pool, fitness centre, restaurant, bar and BBQ facilities. Airport transfers available. Free wifi in rooms. Agoda rated 6.4/10.


Ruenthai Rimnan ResortRuenthai Rimnan Resort – 18.91 km from airport

From 649 THB

bookbRuenthai Rimnan Resort is a small hotel in a traditional teak wood Thai house. It has 4 comfortable rooms. Airport transfers available. Free wifi. Agoda rated 7.5/10.


Leamsai HotelLeamsai Hotel – 19.3 km from airport

2starsFrom 709 THB

bookbLeamsai Hotel has comfortable and clean rooms near the centre of Suratthani City. The hotel has 76 rooms. The hotel has room service, a family room, coffee shop and free parking. Agoda rated 7.2/10.


The Centrino Serviced ResidenceThe Centrino Serviced Residence – 19.39 km from airport

3starsFrom 519 THB

bookbThe Centrino Serviced Residence has 58 hotel rooms, each with a splash of colour. The hotel has a coffee shop, family rooms and free wifi. Agoda rated 8/10.



Palm Garden ResortPalm Garden Resort – 19.45 km from airport

2starsFrom 397 THB

bookbPalm Garden Resort has air-con rooms with TV and fridge. The hotel is OK for a one night stay but lacks facilities such as a restaurant. Wifi in public areas. Agoda rated 4.5/10.



Rhienchai PlaceRhienchai Place – 19.51 km from airport

3starsFrom 560 THB

bookbRhienchai Place is a stylish hotel with 33 rooms. The choice is between standard, deluxe and Jacuzzi deluxe rooms. The hotel has a restaurant, coffee shop, ATM machine, room service and an unusual courtyard garden featuring topiary. They provide airport transfers and free wifi. Agoda rated 7.3/10.


Sleep ResortSleep Resort – 19.56 km from airport

F 2starsrom 475 THB

bookbSleep Resort has comfortable rooms that are not as stylish as the branding of this place would suggest. There is a car park and free wifi in the rooms. Agoda rated 7.8/10.



Wangtai HotelWang Tai Hotel – 19.64 km from airport

From 881 THB

bookbWang Tai Hotel is in a pleasant location next to the Tapee River. It is a big hotel with 320 rooms. The rooms are excellent and so are the facilities. There is a restaurant, coffee shop, swimming pool, fitness room and spa. There is room service and airport transfers available. For many this is the best hotel in Suratthani.

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Naraya Riverside ResortNaraya Riverside Resort – 19.67 km from airport

2starsFrom 880 THB

bookbNaraya Riverside Resort is a boutique hotel by the river. It has smart rooms, a swimming pool, coffee shop bar and fitness room. They offer massage services, airport transfers and 24 hour room service. Agoda rated 7/10.


Ratchapruek MansionRatchapruek Mansion – 19.75 km from airport

2starsFrom 552 THB

bookbRatchapruek Mansion has basic hotel rooms with air con and TV. Wifi and parking available.



Serene Guest HouseSerene Guest House – 19.81 km from airport

2starsFrom 416 THB

bookbSerene Guest House has 4 homely rooms. It is a small place with shuttle service, car park and free wifi. Has lots of good reviews. Agoda rated 8.4/10.