Changes to Surat Thani Airport Hotel Accommodation in 2016

There have been a few notable changes in the Suratthani Airport hotel situation in 2016. There are now three new hotels to add to the list. Moreover, the ratings of hotels have in some instances gone up and in others gone down. And in the case of 2 hotels there has been an upgrade in star status.

New Hotels near Surat Thani Airport

Hop Inn Surat Thani

The Erawan Group is Thailand’s leading hotel developer. In recent years they have developed the ‘Hop Inn’ brand of hotel. The one in Surat Thani is 11.83 kilometres from the airport. Like other Hop Inns it is functional, clean and well-run. The hotel offers air-con rooms with hot water en-suite bathroom, mini bar and cable TV.

The hotel has parking and a front desk with staff that speak a bit of English. The hotel is designed for business travellers who just need a bed for the night. While lacking in character (deliberately so) the Hop Inn in Surat Thani is ideal for tourists who know their way around and just need a safe and comfortable bed for the night before heading off the following morning.

Hop Inn is very reasonably priced at 510 Thai Baht a night (2016 price)

Ruen Tha Nai Bang

Ruen Thai Nai Bang Resort
Ruen Tha Nai Bang is a 4 star hotel just over 11 kilometres from Surat Thani Airport. This is the most luxurious hotel in the area. It is an impressive mid-sized hotel. It has just 15 rooms and is set in extensive gardens in a quiet area near the river.

It has a series of comfortable cottages with all the amenities to be expected from a 4 star resort. There is also a communal outdoor pool, restaurant and bar. The food is excellent and the menu reflects a desire to cater not just for Thai people expecting standard Thai food.

The unusual thing about the Ruen Tha Nai Bang is that it is has a few ‘farmyard’ animals that it keeps – for decoration or for food, we don’t know.

Room prices in 2016 for Ruen Tha Nai Bang start at 779 Thai Baht a night.

Quik Hotel

Quik Hotel
Quik Hotel is just over 11 kilometres from Surat Thani Airport. It has been given 2 star status. It appears that the owners of this new hotel hasn’t let anybody inside to photograph the place. We haven’t stayed. It has plenty of parking.

The sign outside claims that the hotel is open 24 hours. Agoda states that the hotel has 27 rooms, room service and wifi in public areas.

Not enough people have stayed at this hotel and bothered to rate it for Agoda to give it an aggregate score out of 10.

A night at Quik Hotel currently costs from 382 Thai Baht night. This is the cheapest airport hotel in Surat Thani.

Star Rankings

Readers must bear in mind that there is no internationally recognised system for designating star rating. Instead, we take our lead from Agoda. It is interesting to note that two hotels have been upgraded in status – both O Valley Hotel and Wangtai Hotel have gone from 3 stars to 3.5 stars.

This places the O Valley and Wangtai Hotel just behind Ruen Tha Nai Bang (4 star) in terms of star rating.

Agoda Reviews

There has been a number of Surat Thani Airport hotels that have dropped a few places in their Agoda rating out of 10. There are just a handful that have improved their Agoda score.

These ratings represent an average of customer reviews.

The Losers

Lephant from 9 to 8.5
Naraya from 7.2 to 7
Rice Farm Villa from 7.6 to 7
Sleep from 8 to 7.6
100 Islands from 7.8 to 7.2
Paragon Hometel from 8.4 to 7.9
Rhienchai Place from 7.7 to 7.2

The Winners

Leamsai Hotel from 6.4 to 7.1
Ruenthai from 6.7 to 7.6
Bun Hotel from 7.4 to 7.5
Hip Box 6.1 to 6.4

Still Not Rated

Perhaps more damning then a 0.1 rise or fall in Agoda rating are the places that after 1 year still do not have enough reviews for a score to be compiled. These are Princess Park, Rathchapruek, Palm Garden and Promtawan.


The selection of hotels near Suratthani International Airport continues to improve. There are now 3 new hotels close to the airport to look at. It is interesting to note that the arrival of the Ruen Tha Nai Bang heralds the start of 4 star Suratthani accommodation.

The prices for Suratthani Hotels have changed very little over the year. The price of oil has remained low, there is plenty of competition in the hotel sector, and the hotels cannot ask a premium for a remote location as often happens on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.