Khai Mook Restaurant at the Diamond Plaza Suratthani

For more formal dining in Surat Thani your best option is to eat in one of the big hotels near the city centre and Khai Mook restaurant at the Diamond Plaza Hotel is one of the best hotel restaurants in the city.

Khai Mook Restaurant is a lively venue

Khai Mook Restaurant at the Diamond Plaza Hotel

Khai Mook restaurant is a popular option for guests staying at the Diamond Plaza Hotel which is few kilometres from the city centre on the main approach road to Surat Thani city from both the local airport and the train station. The Diamond Plaza is large 408 room hotel which often hosts business conferences and social clubs and this ensures that the restaurant gets a steady stream of trade. This hotel also does a lot of catering for events such as weddings for non-guests. The entrance to the restaurant is inside the main lobby of the hotel to the right as you enter. You can’t miss out as there are always two waitresses stationed in the doorway ready to show you to a table.

Live Music at Khai Mook Restaurant

Live Music at Khai Mook Restaurant

Khai Mook restaurant has live music every evening. The music is provided by a musician on a keyboard and three female singers who take it in turns to perform. The music is mostly Thai although they also perform some modern English language songs. The lighting in this restaurant is subdued so as to give full effect to the coloured lighting on the stage. This is is background music to enhance the experience of the dinners who are mostly Thai business people having large meals in groups. Foreign guests may find the lighting and music a little old-fashioned, European restaurants largely moved on this at the end of the 1970s, however, as a whole the Khai Mook restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere: the food is good as is the service.

Menu at Khai Mook Restaurant

Prawns with asparagus at Khai Mook Restaurant

The menu at this restaurant is fairly short and focuses on the seafood. Bearing in mind that the Diamond Plaza is by far the best hotel in Surat Thani the prices here are moderate. Most dishes are priced at 80 THB to 160 THB depending on what you order. Not expensive by Bangkok standards, but pricey for Surat Thani where you can eat in most restaurants for 40 to 80 THB a dish. The drinks are a little more expensive as well. The food though does come in quite large plates meant for sharing. Two dishes are enough, with rice, for two people. The standard of the cooking is good. The ingredients were fresh and the various Thai recipes are good competently. It is worth the money.

Prices at Khai Mook Restaurant

Fried mackerel in red curry

Expect to pay about 250 to 350 per person depending on what you order. When we went we ordered the following and it came to 620 THB for 2 people:

  • 1 x fresh orange
  • 1 x large Leo beer
  • 1 x plain rice
  • 1 x egg fried rice
  • 1 x prawns fried with asparagus
  • 1 x mackerel fried in red curry
  • 1 x ice-cream desert

Desert Menu at Khai Mook Restaurant

Little Girl gets her big ice cream at Khai Mook Restaurant

We rarely eat deserts in restaurants in Thailand. Thai deserts (khanom wan) are more something you eat as snacks purchased from a market stall. However, in Khai Mook restaurant they have a particularly good range of Western style deserts using ice-cream mixed with other sweet ingredients. Some adults may find these deserts a bit too sweet and calorific, however, if you have children or a sweet tooth be sure to ask for the separate desert menu. Price at 60 to 80 THB these ice-cream deserts are a sweet treat you will not find in many restaurants in Thailand.

Location of the Diamond Plaza Suratthani

  • 83/27 Sri Wichai Rd, Surat Thani

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